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MTA Universal Holster

MTA Universal Holster

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The MTA "Multi Talon" holster is a universal holster available for the Surefire X300 UA/UB, Streamlight TLR-1 or Streamlight TLR7-A.  Most firearms that can attach an X300, TLR-1 or TLR7-a  can be used in this holster as the retention comes from around the light itself.

The dual clip setup allows for cant and height adjustments while keeping the grip of the firearm close to your body.  The rivets can be used to attach a mag pouch from a Kina Flex Rig or our soon to be released universal mag pouches with shock cord to create a full appendix rig setup.

The slide channel on the X300 and TLR-1 versions is trimmed to the length of a Glock 17 while the slide channel on the TLR7-A version is trimmed just shorter to the length of a Glock 19

Due to the universal nature of this holster the cutout area around the grip and the light gap will vary slightly depending on the firearm used.