Proudly 100% Custom Made in The USA

About Us


McKinaTec was founded in 2016 and sold our first product in December of that year. To fully understand how that came to be you need to go back and understand my back story.


I was raised in the mountains of Utah and loved all things outdoors; hunting, climbing, snowboarding, hiking, camping, I did it all. There was something about the outdoors that was so calming and exciting at the same time that I couldn’t get enough.


I started drifting away from my time outdoors when I had to “grow up” and do what was expected. I graduated from college, moved to Southern California and found myself working in corporate sales for close to 15 years. I had my share of ups and downs and high levels of stress, but kept going because it was a means to supporting my family and a source of “steady” income. I had sold everything from bathroom supplies to high-end software around the world, but I wasn’t ever passionate about any of it and it left me wanting more.


I found myself wanting to be outdoors again but working in sales meant no time off as you had to be closing sales in order to make it.


I started out designing and selling backpacking hammocks and it grew into other products over time.  Being a CCW holder in California, I decided that I needed to start making custom Kydex holsters to give people like me what they truly wanted at an affordable price.  We started out small with a few gun models and selling to friends family and the local police department (Thank you all so much!).  With each new sale we keep expanding our lineup and offering many different styles, colors and options.


McKinaTec is currently very small (it’s all me right now) which gives me the ability to be hands on with every order and interact with my customers in a way that isn't possible with large companies.  My vision is to grow as a brand that is known for quality and value while still maintaining a customer focus that is second to none. This wouldn’t be possible without all of you who are reading this and sharing your experiences with your friends and family.


I thank you sincerely and I look forward to the many good things to come!


-Dan Kinnersley