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FAQ's and Notes

FAQ’s and Notes to be aware of


Light bearing holsters:

-While the gun will fit in the holster without the light attached, it is not recommended.  The majority of the retention on these holsters come from around the light itself and it will not have the same retention with the light off.

-The wing/claw on a light bearing holster is a different design as to not make the holster extremely wide.  The gun side clip is placed over the top of the slide as to not interfere with the retention around the light and to make the holster as narrow as possible reducing printing.

-There will not always be a “click” on light bearing holsters as most of the lights rely on friction for the retention.


Our Guarantee:

We guarantee that you will receive the holsters you order with the correct options that you choose.  Should there be issues with fitment or it was made with incorrect options we will gladly send you a return label so that adjustments or a replacement can be made.  As everything is handmade to your specific options we are unable to issue refunds, returns or exchanges.


Notes about materials and holster function:


If ordering a carbon fiber color on the back piece of a holster the carbon print will be facing forward towards the gun.  This allows you to see the print from the front with the front color as well as putting the smoothest side against your body.


 Fabric wrapped holsters are purely for aesthetics and not for any type of performance improvement.  The fabric is not as flexible and does not stretch as much as the actual Kydex.  As a result, the definition will not be the same as a non fabric wrapped version.  The edges are hand trimmed and flame treated to prevent from fraying.  These holsters require care and maintenance with use.  The adhesive can lift in areas of tight bends and sharp contours with extreme heat and humidity.  For long term durability and better definition it is suggested that the non fabric wrapped (Printed version) be selected.


Black Multicam is a random pattern and the variation of pattern will vary on your holster.  Black Multicam is especially subtle with a lot of black or near black sections.  Certain amounts of particular colors are not guaranteed.


Each holster is handmade from scratch every time and as such will vary slightly. 


When a holster is new there can be small amounts of polish on the edges and will wear in over time.


Retention screws are located on the wing/claw or on the outside of the trigger guard or light.  These can be tightened down hard enough to smash the rubber washers, giving the desired level of retention.


Scratches on the inside and outside of the holster are to be expected as it is used.  Kydex is a much softer material than the metal of a gun and is not scratching your gun but may leave some marks on it that can be cleaned off with your normal cleaning process.


Lead times are always changing depending on the amount of orders during a given time.  You will not receive updates during the build process but will receive an email when the holster is finished and has shipped.  Tracking information will be in this email so you can plan for arrival.