Announcement: Due to the volume of orders over the last few months and backorders on material over that time period, lead times have been pushed back for all orders. My best estimate is in the 6.5 to 7 week range as I try to catch up. Thank you all for your support and patience patience during this time. When orders are finished and ship, emails with tracking information are sent.

Standard Colors

1.  Black

2.  Police Blue

3.  Blood Red

4.  EMT Red

5.  FDE

6.  OD Green

7.  Purple

8.  Safety Orange

9.  Storm Grey

10.  Zombie Green

11.  Black Carbon Fiber

12.  Police Blue Carbon Fiber

13.  Blood Red Carbon Fiber

14.  Storm Grey Carbon Fiber

15.  OD Green Carbon Fiber

16.  Black with Black Multicam Fabric Overlay

17.  Original Multicam Fabric

18.  Black Multicam Print

19.Black Basket Weave